Into The Wild: AW16-17 Trend

Hey there,

With this post, we continue with the series on AW16-17 trends.  Today?  Animal prints!  Timeless. But it can be tricky to pull it off.  You need a great fabric to make your look really pretty.  So be careful ladies.  But the good news is: I already made you a nice selection.  Let’s have a look 🙂

Essentiel-Antwerp: a zebra print shirt, and a skirt with the same print; and really cool accessories: a brooch, a fury shoulder bag, a pouch and socks!

Photo Credit: Essentiel-Antwerp

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IKKS SS15 Collection: My Favorite Looks

Bonjour les filles (et les garçons?),

How are you doing today?  And how was your weekend?

As promised, I will “review” the new collection designed by IKKS.  If you read some of my previous posts, you must know that I really (like, reeeaaallly) appreciate this brand 😉  So, I was very excited to discover their Spring/Summer collection.

The brand proposes two trends: “Ethnic Chic”, and “Pretty Corsica”.  Here are several of my favorite looks:

Look from IKKS SS15 Collection

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A/W Sales – Part 4 (and Last Part, I Promise)

Hello there fashionistas of the world,

I hope you are all having a great day 🙂  This post will be about a piece I bought on sales in January (yet another).  I promise, this will be the last post about my purchases of last month!

Today’s post is dedicated to an accessory.  I don’t think I ever wrote exclusively about an accessory, so this is a first.  Accessories are über important.  They can really finish off a look.  I know it’s a cliché thing to say, but I really think they have that power.

You’re probably asking yourself: “What kind of magical accessory is she talking about?”  Well, wait no more my friends, and just look: 

Scarf from IKKS – Picture taken from the brand’s website

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