I Want To Dress Like Blake Lively In “A Simple Favor”

Hey there,

On Friday I went to see Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick’s last movie, namely “A Simple Favor”.  I’m not about to write a movie review, although I really loved it so I highly recommend it.  But instead, I want to write about Emily’s (Blake’s character) amazing sense of style.

As the movie went on, I thought: I want need to up my (fashion) game.

Source: giphy

If you read me before, perhaps you already know that; but I truly believe that the way you dress can have an impact on how you feel and hence on your whole day.  Blake showcased several power suits and I knew I wanted all of them right then, right now.  Imagine going to work, or stepping into a meeting wearing this freaking armour…. we’ll be invincible and nothing (or no-one) will be able to stop us.

Photo Credit: InStyle


Photo Credit: InStyle

Seriously, who can say no to these power suits?

Source: giphy




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