What Do I Put In My Beach Bag?

Week – 3 for me.  In 3 weeks, I’ll finally be in vacations and hopefully, by now, I will be relaxing under the sun on a beach.  If you want to spend the day at the beach, the key is to make sure that you don’t forget anything at your hotel room or apartment.  You have to make sure you have absolutely everything with you.  Nothing more annoying than to get really comfortable and then realise that you forgot you sunscreen in your room (that’s not entirely true, I can think of a few things that are more annoying than that but I wanted to add some dramatic effect… ).  So to make sure that you don’t find yourself in this unfortunate situation, here are the things I always put in my beach bag.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

  1. Sunscreen.  If you take one single thing with you, it has to be some sunscreen.
  2. Sunglasses.  It will protect you from the sun and make you look cool.  What more can you ask for?
  3. A bottle of water. Stay hydrated my friend!
  4. A book.  And if you’re in search for a good beach read, head this way!
  5. A beach towel.

If I pack these items, I know I’ll spend a good day.  I don’t need anything else.  What do you never forget in your beach bag?  🙂


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.20.12

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