What To Wear For Work When It’s Really Hot

Hey there,

For the past few weeks, it’s been super duper hot.  It’s been so hot that it has been barely bearable.  You know when the temperature is so high that you have absolutely zero energy?  There is no fresh air, even at night, so you don’t get any sleep?  And you wake up exhausted?  But you still have to get up and go to work?  That’s been my routine for a month.

Another tough part is: how to dress?  Because all you want to do is laying down by a pool or on the beach in a bikini.  But you can’t.  If you want to be able to do that, you gotta go to work (as Britney would say: You want to live fancy?  You better work bitch).  And unless you work as a lifeguard – which I’m not – you have to dress appropriately.  Now let’s see what we can do 🙂

1.  Skirts:

You can play with the colours, the prints and the length: pencil skirts, a-line skirts, midi skirts and mini skirts.  Pair your skirt with a button-down shirt and you’re good to go.  If we don’t wear our skirts when it’s 100 degrees out, I don’t know when we will.

A-Line Skirts

Midi Skirts

Penci Skirts

Mini Skirts

2.  Shorts

I’m convinced that shorts can be super elegant when paired when the right top (yes, you guessed it right, a nice button-down shirt) or jacket.  Meghan Markle proved it at least twice.  The key is the cut: go for a  pair that is not too tight nor too short.

3.  Dress

Dresses are one of the chicest piece a woman can wear, even more so when it is a sheath dress.  If you feel confident enough to wear that kind of dress, you definitely should go for it!

4.  Pants

I’m extremely fond of wide-leg and palazzo pants when it’s crazy hot outside.  I find them oh so comfortable.  Darted pants are also one of my all-time favorite.  You can also go for straight-leg pants if you want a more classic look.

Wide-Leg Pants

Palazzo Pants

Darted Pants

Straight-Leg Pants

On second thought, it’s not such a big deal if it’s super duper hot outside after all… Right?


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.20.12

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