How To Wear A Work Appropriate Outfit When It’s Freezing?

Hello there,

Winter is coming here.  Unfortunately, most of us can’t work from home; which means we have to get our asses off the bed, get dressed, and above all, we have to dress work appropriately.  This can be a huge undertaking when it’s 0°C outside and when it’s dark when you get out the door.  You know what I’m saying?

But just because it’s dark, and cold, and raining, and realllllyyyy difficult to be a responsible adult (ugh!), it doesn’t mean we have to go through all that unstylish.  Right? So here are some looks  that you can get some inspiration from for the next 2 months of winter – probably 3 if you’re Belgian 😉

Trench coat and pant suit

Nothing revolutionary, but boy it’s pretty!  And classy.  And empowering.  I don’t know why, but anytime I wear a trench (or a long) coat I feel way more confident.  Don’t get me started on  the pant suit…  And if you want to protect yourself from the cold, the coat will definitely do the trick.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Cigarette pants + warm sweater

I love the fact that you can pair a casual and comfortable sweater with very elegant trousers.

Flared trousers

You can wear them in an elegant way: add a gorgeous poncho, or a faux fur coat.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Skirt and sweater

Cold weather is no reason to not wear your favorite skirts.  Add some black tights and a cosy sweater (yet again) and you’re good to go!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Culottes and sweater

I guess it is a little more difficult to pull off, but if you can, you’ll definitely make a statement.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

With these looks, we are almost looking forward to long and cold workdays 😉

Tell me, what is your favorite?


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.20.12


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