How To Wear The White Shirt and Blue Jeans Combo? Six Ways To Style These Iconic Pieces

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I hope you’ re doing well!

In this post I’ll show you how you can pair two iconic pieces that you surely have in your closet: blue jeans and a white button down shirt.  The point is you don’t need many different clothes to be stylish.  And as a matter of fact, you probably wear the same pieces quite often (and denim is surely in the top 5, right?).  So wouldn’t it be refreshing to pair your go-to pieces differently to create 6 distinctive looks?




Let’s see what we can do!

Work appropriate looks: you pair the two key pieces with heels or elegant slippers, an elegant jacket such as a blazer and a cute purse.  And you can wear your shirt in three different ways: tucked-in, pulled out or a mix of them.  All of them can be super elegant.

1.  Tucked-in shirt

2.  Pulled-out shirt

3.  Mix

4.  Casual look: you pair your jeans and shirt with sneakers for a relaxing weekend.

5.  Summer look: white shirt paired with denim cut-offs or a mini skirt.  Love that combo for the summer, I think it’s super (and subtly) sexy.

6.  Preppy look: you put on a sweater on top of your basis.  It is super cute and layers are extremely convenient for pretty much all seasons in Belgium 😉

Now, where can we find cute blue jeans and white shirts?

What’s your favorite look?  Let me know 🙂


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.20.12

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