How To Dress Like Emma Stone in La La Land?

Hello there!

How are you doing? Are you enjoying Spring? I know I am 🙂

I was wondering, have you seen La La Land? I saw it in February, and I remember that when I got out of the theater I was all giddy. I wanted to dance, and I wanted to sing, and I wanted summer, … and I wanted to wear some colorful, flowy dresses. Just like Mia. I also want Ryan Gosling, but I think the “wearing colorful, flowy dresses” part will be easier.

Photo Credit: IMDB

I truly believe that an outfit can change your mood (Ryan Gosling could do that too). When I wear black, I mean business. When I wear fun prints, I feel quirky. When I wear colors, I feel happy. When I wear dresses I feel feminine. If we follow that logic, if I wear colorful dresses, I’ll feel happily feminine, right? Sounds awesome! Who wouldn’t want to feel that way?

So I gathered for you a selection of dresses that you can wear to channel your inner Mia 🙂 Let’s have a look!

Essentiel-Antwerp: yellow maxi dress, a yellow short dress, a maxi print dress (kisses print), and a v-neck short and sweet print dress (and the polka dot version).

JuliaJune: a dress, and a gorgeous midi skirt in various colors (jeans, sand, and light grey)

IKKS I-Code: blue dresses (1, and 2), and print dress.

1-2-3 Paris: blue dress, and red dress

Pinko: All right I know I’m cheating because it’s actually a jumpsuit. But it’s super pretty though!

Photo Credit: Pinko

Terre Bleue: dress and skirt

Bellerose: dress, and skirt


Do you think these pieces will be enough to recreate the magic of La La Land?  I sure think so 🙂


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.20.12.png

P.S: Featured image credit: La La Land official website

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