How To Wear The Oversized Sweater?

Hello girls,

If you live in Belgium (and I think it’s the same in Europe), you know that lately it’s been freezing!!! You’ve experienced temperatures that make you want to stay in bed (granted, I personally don’t need low temperatures for that.  But I’m sure there are some reasonable people out there – you know like adults – who feel that way). It is so cold that you’re even afraid to step foot outside. You’d rather stay at home, wrap yourself in warm blankets, and drink hot chocolate in front of a Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars marathon. And that, all day long… Isn’t it how you feel? Because it is how I feel (probably too often). And I can’t believe it’s just me. It cannot be just me, right?

Anyway, even if we wish we could stay home, well it’s not really within the realm of possibility! We have to be a grown-up and take our responsibility (yuck!). We have to get out of bed. And get dressed. And brave the cold. But do we need to be cold and look like crap? Oh hell to the no! One may think that it’s kind of hard to stay stylish with temperatures below the 0°C, but one would be wrong. When it’s crazy cold like that, I like to bundle up in huge knitted sweaters. And it’s not such a bad thing fashion-wise. Oversized sweaters (and sweater dress) are fashionable, so you can totally look super stylish when rocking one of these and still brave the cold.

Some of my beloved knitted sweaters…

In a previous post, I prepared a small selection of oversized sweaters/sweater dresses that you can shop on sales. Now, let’s see how we can wear it without looking too much like the bonhomme Michelin….

You can pair your oversized sweater with basic black jeans. That’s my favorite combo. Other colors work great too.

You can also go for some blue denim for a more casual look.

Or even some leather pants for a touch of glamour.

If you’re super cold, you can pair your oversized sweater with a pair of velvet pants. It will give the look an even cozier feel I think.

If, on the contrary, you’re not afraid of the cold (i.e., not like me), you can go for a short skirt or a pair of shorts (+ tights!). That gives a super interesting combo. I’ll definitely go for that one when the sun and the warmth are back! I personally wouldn’t go for a long skirt because; being kinda short; I don’t think it will be very flattering.

Then, you can go for boots (my choice when it’s really cold), sneakers or slippers (better when there are a few more degrees), or even stilettos (definitely when there are more degrees!) for a more sophisticated look.

You can add a long knitted cardigan for an additional layer.  Then, you top it off with a perfecto, a bomber jacket, or a long coat.

Finally, add a hat, a beanie (so cuuuute) and/or a huge scarf.

Voilà! You’re good to go!

The good news is, you don’t need a cold weather to rock the oversized sweater. You can keep these styling tips for whenever. You just don’t need to layer as much.

How do you wear your oversized sweaters?  What’s your go-to look?  Let me know 🙂




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