Sales Selection Autumn Winter 2016-2017

Hello girls,

It is one of the exciting times of the year… Yes, absolutely, I’m talking about the sales!  I prepared a small selection of items that you could shop at my favorite places.

This season, bomber jackets, sweater dresses, velvet, and (faux) fur are all the rage.  So let’s see where you can shop these 🙂

Bomber Jackets

[1] Meilleux Jacket, Essentiel-Antwerp; [2] Bart Bomber, Maje; [3] Bomber Jacket, Pinko; [4] Silencio Bomber Jacket, Sandro Paris; [5] Goldmine Bomber Jacket, Sandro-Paris; [6] Ophira Bomber Jacket, Calvin Klein.

Sweater Dresses

[1] Radio Dress, Maje; [2] Anya Sweater, Mer du Nord;  [3] Drew Dress, Sandro-Paris; [4] Grant Dress, Sandro-Paris; [5] Dorit Sweater Dress, Calvin Klein;  [6] Reny Dress, Calvin Klein.


[1] Bakaro Jacket, Maje; [2] Giverny Pants, Maje; [3] Dana Dress, Calvin Klein; [4] Modena Pumps, Morobé; [5] Genoa Over-the-Knee Boots, Morobé; [6] Marmarisme Ankle Boots, Essentiel-Antwerp.

(Faux) fur

[1] Mugo Coat, Essentiel-Antwerp; [2] Cape, ICode; [3] Galim Coat, Maje; [4] Zara Jacket, Sandro-Paris; [5] Kim Coat, Sandro-Paris; [6] Faux Fur Coat, Pinko.

Sales are also a great opportunity to buy timeless quality pieces.

Long coat

[1] Wool coat, IKKS; [2] Grenat Coat, Maje; [3] Long Black Coat, Mer du Nord; [4] Hampton Coat, Sandro-Paris; [5] Agna Trenchcoat, Calvin Klein; [6] October Coat, Calvin Klein.


[1] Black Leather pants, Mer du Nord; [2] Burgundy Leather pants, Mer du Nord; [3] Leather Perfecto, Mer du Nord; [4] Leather leggings, Calvin Klein; [5] Leather Shorts, Calvin Klein; [6] Aurala Jacket, Calvin Klein.

Do you already have some pieces in mind that you absolutely have to buy?

Let me know 🙂





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