Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Hello people,

Holiday season is always crazy… It’s fun but it can also be quite stressful.  I already covered your holiday outfit.  Now, another (if not the most) frustrating task is finding the perfect gift for your friends and family.

I gathered here a few ideas, let’s have a look 🙂

For the beauty lover

Body Shop proposes great gift boxes!   And the packages are adorable!!!

1.  Spa of the World Luxurious Body Collection

2.  Blooming Marvelous Gift Set, with “bath and body range and new expert facials collection”

3.  Shea Ultimate Collection (I love that smell)

4.  Men can also take care of themselves, with the Modern Gent’s Maca Root Rescue Kit

Another brand I love is Rituals.  You have:

5.  The Ritual of Hammam

6.  The Ritual of Ayurveda

For the make-up addict

Girls love Mac.  You cannot go wrong with it.

1.  Nutcracker Sweet Pink Retro Matte Kit

2.  Nutcracker Sweet Nude Mineralize Kit

The couture brands are always a good idea.  Here I picked the Yves Saint Laurent and Dior.

3.  YSL Sparkle Clash Palette Holiday 2016

4. An eyeshadow palette – 5 Couleurs Splendor Holiday Limited Edition.

5.  And nobody does red quite like Dior, so pick a red lipstick (timeless).  The Diorific Mat – Holiday 2016 Limited Edition looks pretty amazing!

Zoeva is also a big hit and the brushes are stunning.  I’m sure it will please the make-up lover among your friends or family.  There are plenty of them, from 40 EUR to 240 EUR.  So depending on your budget, I’m sure you can find something.

6.  The Luxe Complete Brush Set


For the Stay-At-Home Lover

One word: Hunkemöller.  This is paradise for anyone looking for cocooning supplies!  Veritas has also great “homesocks” under 10 EUR.

1.  Bunny house shoes

2.  Footie pajamas

3.  A blanket.  (And no, this is not only for babies… Right?!)

4.  An eye mask

5.  A cushion

6.  A pair of homesocks


For the Control Freak


1. A Jo and Judy Calendar/Workbook 2017

2. Girlboss Essentials Dusty Pink Gift Set from Jo and Judy

3.  “S” Place Holder for pens and accessories.  Different letters are available

4.  “Feminist” Place Holder for pens and accessories.

5.  The Cobble Hill Large Agenda, Kate Spade

6.  A Daisy Place Pencil Cup, Kate Spade

I hope these little lists will help you!

Happy holidays ❤



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