It’s September: Back To Work(ing-Out)!

Hello there,

It’s September again. I like September because to me, it’s always the time when I feel like I can make big changes. It’s also the time when I tell myself to get my s*&% together. If you read me from time to time, you might know that I like sports. But I don’t only like watching sports, I also love working out! However, during the summer, it’s always more chaotic than during the rest of the year. So now, it’s the time when I get back to my routine: work, and a healthy lifestyle. In other words, it’s workout time!

Workout Gear

“People always ask, “Why do you dress up when going to the gym?” And if I look good, I feel good. And then I work out harder. So look cute while you’re working out!” – Shay Mitchell

I agree with the gorgeous Shay. Besides, have you seen her?! She knows what she’s talking about! When I know that I have a cute outfit, I push myself harder. It’s also easier to get started. If you know you’ll look great, you want to get dressed and you’re ready to get sweaty!

I believe it’s even more true if you decide to workout at home. When you go to a gym, you get motivated partly by the other people in there. But if you’re at home, you’re the only one that can get you moving. Knowing you have the cutest outfit and great material at home, makes it easier for you to get started.

Here’s what I wore and used for my last at-home session:

Workout Gear
Workout Gear
Workout Gear

More specifically, I wore:

  • A black Shape+ Fitness Legging with a belt that makes me feel like I have the flattest tummy in the world (love it!)
  • A purple (damson) Breathe Sports Bra.  It’s super important to me – just like every other girl I think – to feel supported.  I never work out with a regular bra, it always has to be a sports one.
  • A pink “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” (Because we should definitely not stop!) Energy Loose Fitness T-shirt.  I like fluid tops when I workout, and this one is pretty!
  • And a white long-sleeved “It’s Time” Active Fitness Print T-Shirt that I wore for the stretching part.  When it’s cold outside, and when you sweat during your workout session – and you must sweat, otherwise it wasn’t hard enough 😉 – you have to cover yourself after.  Otherwise you could catch a cold.  What a bummer it would be!
Domyos Purple Sports Bra
Domyos Purple Sports Bra
Domyos Black Legging
Domyos “It’s Time” Long Sleeved T-Shirt

I used the 8kg Kettlebell.  I’ve wanted one for a while now but I didn’t really know what types of exercises I could do with it.  The great thing with Decathlon, is that they released videos where you can get free workout routines. When you don’t really know what exercises to do, you just check out their app and you’re good to go!

Domyos 8 kg Kettle Bell

Do you have a go-to look when you workout?  Let me know 🙂




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