Wishlist: 100% White

Hey there girly girls,

We finally have a hint of summer here in Belgium, and Wimbledon (plus my last post) make me want to wear some white!  So here is a wishlist 100% white!

  1.  A stunning dress by Pinko, perfect for an important business meeting  😉
Pinko dress (Photo credit: Pinko)

Pinko dress (Photo Credit: Pinko)

2.  A great kimono jacket from IKKS.

IKKS Kimono Jacket (Photo Credit: IKKS)

3.  And a jumpsuit (totally work appropriate) from IKKS.

IKKS Jumpsuit (Photo Credit: IKKS)

4.  A cute skirt from Maje.

Maje Skirt (Photo Credit: Maje)

5.  A suit jacket from Mer du Nord.

Mer du Nord Jacket (Photo Credit: Mer du Nord)

6.  And a shirt from Mer du Nord.

Mer du Nord Shirt (Photo Credit: Mer du Nord)

7.  A cute, cute, cute top from Sandro.

Sandro Top (Photo Credit: Sandro)

8.  A bikini from Princesse Tam Tam.

Princesse Tam Tam Bikini (Photo Credit: Princesse Tam Tam)

9.  A pair of shoes from OXS.

OXS Shoes (Photo Credit: OXS)

10.  Leather bag from Vic Matié.

Vic Matié Leather Bag (Photo Credit: Vic Matié)

Any crush on this list?  Let me know 🙂

Have a great week ladies!


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.20.12

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