How To Show Your Colors: Go Belgium!

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So the Euro 2016 has started and Belgium is playing tomorrow.  I’m sure you’re all excited, and you want to be ready for the game.  You made plans with your friends?  Your rested your voice?  You know the name of all the players by heart?  You studied the rules?  So now, the most important part: What to wear on game day?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Depending on the place where you want to watch the game and depending on the place you’re coming from before the match, you can rock different outfits.

If you’re planning to go to a public place to watch the game, you can totally rock the team jersey.  You’ll pair it with jeans, shorts, or black pants; and a pair of sneakers.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Now, another option is the fun sweater.  O’Ren, a Belgian brand, has the raddest sweaters, that you can also wear with jeans!  I don’t have one yet, but it’s definitely on my wishlist!  Check these out:

(Photo Credit: O’Ren)

Another Belgian brand where you can get cool sweaters and t-shirts is Mais Qui-Es Tu?.  They have a new t-shirt for the Euro 2016, and you can also customize existing models.  How awesome is that?!

(Photo Credit: Mais Qui-Es Tu? Instagram)

Now if you head to the game straight from work, and that you cannot possibly wear the team jersey or any sportswear look; you have to find another option.  Well, I got the solution for you!  You rock the Belgian colors.  It’s hard to pull off all three colors (I mean, black, red, and yellow; that’s not the most harmonious combo…), but we’ll give it a try!

My suggestion is this: a black piece + a red piece; and you can accessorize with gold jewels.  Who do we copy?  Two of my style icons: Rachel Bilson (or her character in Hart of Dixie :p ) and Sophia Bush.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)
(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

If you’re feeling brave (and that you don’t want to cheat with gold :p), you can add yellow accessories: clutch, or jewels.  Here are two cute bags from Marie Martens:

Photo Credit: Marie Martens

Now, we’re good to go 🙂  Maybe I’ll see you in one of the public places … Go Belgium!!!!!


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.20.12



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