Woman on Top: SS16 Trend

Hey there,

How was your week?  Mine was busy busy, and I don’t think it’s going to calm down anytime soon.  I really need to put my big girl boots on.  For those of you with exams coming up, I guess the same can be said.

Something that can really help you when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with work, and when you want to channel your inner Olivia Pope, is to dress the part.  Seriously, if you want to feel like a woman on top, dress like a woman on top.  Funny coincidence, that’s exactly the topic of this post.  The last SS16 trend by InStyle is: Woman on Top.  

SS16 Trend: Woman on Top (Photo Credit: InStyle

How does InStyle describe this girl woman?

Ahem. Excuse me, people. Why is this not done? We’ve discussed it in depth already. I know what I want, and you should too. Were you distracted by the cut of my Versace? Stop smiling. I didn’t wear it for you, honey. Now kindly step aside while I shatter this glass ceiling..”

How do I see it?  I see dark colors and red.  I see sleek cuts.  I see noble materials.  I see Olivia Pope.  I  see Angelina Jolie.  And Jessica Alba.  And Beyoncé.  I see a strong and powerful woman (yet again).  She’s in control. She’s mysterious.  She can be scary.  She’s fierce.  She’s smart.  She doesn’t take cr*p from anybody.  She gets sh*it done.

How do you get the look?  According to InStyle:

“It’s all about the attitude, obviously. Here’s a secret: An LBD goes only so far when you’re trying to make an impression. You’ll really take command of the room in a sleek suit, in particular the Venus-flytrap style that seduces with a hint of lace. Here’s another tip: Red is a weapon—use it wisely, not just on your lips. And finally, remember to always invest in the best you can afford, but don’t let anyone tell you your worth. .”

Here’s how you can look like the woman of the situation.

Essentiel-Antwerp has an amazing blazer, a very Charlies’ Angels (the 70’s TV show version) shoulder bag, and an adorable bracelet.

Blazer, Bag, and Bracelet (Photo Credit: Essentiel-Antwerp)

Pinko proposes three amazing all-black looks: a dress, a combo top + cropped pants, and a great pair of pants with stilettos.  Check this out (I’m already feeling like a badass just looking at them):

Pinko Looks (Photo Credit: Pinko)

IKKS also has great pieces: a blazer (you can always find awesome blazers there), an emerald jumpsuit, a white jumpsuit, black cigarette trousers, green loose trousers, an asymmetric skirt, and a crepe skirt.

Emerald and White Jumpsuits (Photo Credit: IKKS)
Cigarette and Loose Trousers (Photo Credit: IKKS)
Black, and White Asymmetrical Skirts (Photo Credit: IKKS)

You can find great Maje LBDs : a wrap over tie dress, a trompe l’oeil dress, and a fine canvas dress.

LBDs (Photo Credit: Maje)

For high quality accessories, you know you can turn to Vic Matié: a pair of pumps, a pair of sandals, a mini bag, and a cubic satchel.

Pumps, Sandals, and Bags (Photo Credit: VicMatié)

Do you believe that an outfit can change the way you feel?  So powerfully?  Anyways, I hope these pieces will help you be the badass you are!


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.20.12

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