Cyber Punk: SS16 Trend

Hey there,

As you can see, this week is gonna be “Cyber Punk”.  I think it’s appropriate.  I’m super busy right at the moment.  I need to put my Robot mode ON.  Same goes for students: it’s (almost) time to cram for exams.  Girls, we need to prepare and have the look that match the oh-so-not-enjoyable-situation.

SS16 Trend: Cyber Punk (Photo Credit: InStyle)

     How does InStyle describe this girl?

“This woman loves the softer-edged, 2.0 version of wearable tech that still reads as luxurious. Less Lisbeth Salander and more Ava from Ex Machina, she never needs an extra charger since there’s one built into her handbag. Not that it matters—she’s plugged into pretty much everything as it is, always intrigued, enlightened, engaged, and primed to kick some ass.”

How do I see it?  I see cold colors.  I see metallic grey.  I see shiny materials, but no sequins.  I see texture.  I see leather.  I see Tilda Swinton.  I  see Matrix.  I see a strong woman (it seems that it’s a constant with me, I always associate a trend with strong women…  Go figure!).  She’s in control. She’s tech-savvy but not addicted to it.  She’s mysterious.

How do you get the look?  According to InStyle:

“Batteries not required. Instead, catch a power boost from metallics, as in futuristic foil trousers or anime-influenced graphics. Fluidity is essential for conveying constant movement. You might also experiment with a lighter approach to technology overload, as did Karl Lagerfeld with his Chanel Airlines–themed collection featuring a print based on  an arrivals-departures board and sandals with light-up soles.”

Here are the pieces I found for you to let out your inner Ava 🙂

I think the Belgian brand that best fit this trend is Leo-Paris.  Check this out, this is surreal:

SS16 Collection Leo Paris (Photo Credit: Leo Paris)
SS16 Collection by Leo Paris (Photo Credit: Leo Paris)
SS16 Collection Leo Paris (Photo Credit: Leo Paris)

You can also find cool pieces at IKKS: a leather jacket and coated trousers:

Leather jacket and Pants (Photo Credit: IKKS)

Zadig & Voltaire proposes a cool pair of leather pants and a fishnet top:

Pants and Top (Photo Credit: Zadig & Voltaire)

Similarly, Maje proposes great leather pieces: leather jacket and leather pants.

Leather Jacket and Pants (Photo Credit: Maje)

Pinko also offers leather pants, a cute skirt, and shoes:

Pants, Skirt, and Sandals (Photo Credit: Pinko)

Vic Matié, a high-quality Italian brand, proposes a gorgeous pair of shoes and a splendid clutch:

Shoes and Maxi Clutch (Photo Credit: Vic Matié)

With all that, we can survive a few busy days, can’t we?  🙂

What’s your favorite piece here?




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