New Bohemian: SS16 Trend

Hello there,

How are you girly girls?  I’ve been extremely busy these past few weeks, hence the silent treatment.  I’m really sorry about that!

Anyway, back to business!  Has any of you had the chance to go to Coachella last weekend?  Or will you go next weekend?  I only had the chance to see pictures of the epic festival.  It looked pretty cool.  The fashion was also on point…  Bohonpoint (hahaha – Did I mention I was tired?  Did I?  I’m tired.)

Now, it’s time to get ready for next weekend.  So, let’s go on with the InStyle SS16 trends: New Bohemian.

New Bohemian: SS16 Trend by InStyle (Photo Credit: InStyle)

InStyle defines the character as:

“Oh, to be the woman who makes wearing complicated patterns and maxiskirts look so effortless. Channeling her inner Sienna Miller (or Mary-Kate Olsen, depending on her age and affinity for saucer-size shades), she’s a well-connected sophisticate who lives out of a suitcase, always jet-setting from this music festival to that art biennial. Don’t bother asking for her address. Just follow her on Instagram.”

How do I see it?  I see sand.  I see nomad.  I see Vanessa Hudgens.  I see music.  I smell patchouli. I see a free-spirited girl.  I see colorful outfits.  I see flowers.  Long hair.  Braids.  Curls.  Kate Moss. Stacked up jewels.  Flimsy dresses.  I see music festivals (Obvs…).  I hear indie rock.  Sunny days. And a cool breeze.

(If you want to know more about the boho look, you can also check a previous post: Here).

How do you get the look?  According to InStyle:

“The party line from designers this season is all about encouraging individuality. A healthy appreciation for (or random appropriation of) world cultures is also key, so start by filling your mood board with clippings from back issues of National Geographic and Janson’s History of Art. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly inspired to layer outré graphics with delicate lace and lots of chunky statement jewelry.”

So, let’s have a look at the places you can get boho pieces this season.

If you checked out the Essentiel-Antwerp collection, you must have found great pieces.  The prints are, yet again, a-ma-zing.  You can definitely find plenty of pieces for a boho look, and here are a few examples.  You have maxi  skirts (with flowers, or red dots), you have pants, you have a kaftan, a dress, and maxi dress.  As far as the accessories are concerned, you can find wedges, necklaces (with strung flowers, and another with silky flowers), and a cute bag.

Maxi Skirts and Pants (Photo Credit: Essentiel-Antwerp)
Kaftan and Dresses (Photo Credit: Essentiel-Antwerp)
Wedges, Purse, and Necklaces (Photo Credit: Essentiel-Antwerp)

JuliaJune (I’m seriously falling in love with this brand) offers great looks:

Looks from JuliaJune (Photo Credit: JuliaJune)
Looks from JuliaJune (Photo Credit: JuliaJune)

Maje has also pieces of interests for a boho look.  You can find a stunning dress, a poncho, and a it-bag:

Dress and Poncho (Photo Credit: Maje)
Maje M It-Bag (Photo Credit: Maje)

I.CODE has a really cute stuff, including a patchwork dress, a purse, and earrings:

Dress, Purse, and Earrings (Photo Credit: IKKS)

Now you’re ready to look fab among celebs at Coachella (or, if you’re like me, pretend to be among celebs at Coachella :p ).

Rock on people!


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.20.12


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