Eternal Optimist: SS16 Trend

Hello girls,

I hope you’re all doing great, and that you can feel Spring coming… I personally can feel it, and I love it ❤

As you can see, I’ll address the Eternal Optimist trend in this post.  According to InStyle, the Eternal Optimist is:

“You want to loathe her, but you can’t. She’s just the best, and so damn cool in her boldly colored actif-sportif outfits, ideal for dropping the kids off at school, doing yoga, and baking gluten-free cookies that happen to be delicious. Like Karlie Kloss, she’s a role model for the athleisure set, radiating positivity with a dazzling smile.”

Eternal Optimist – SS16 Trend (Photo Credit: InStyle)

How do I see it?  She’s perky, but strong.  She’s cheery (but isn’t necessarily a cheerleader).  I see stripes.  I see sneakers.  She’s a health junkie.  I see Taylor Swift.  I see Brooke Davis (I would say seasons 1 to 4 :p ).  I see Cameron Diaz.  I see sportswear.  I see cool kids.  I see numbers.

How do you get the look?  According to InStyle:

“With the Olympics coming up this summer in Rio de Janeiro, take a chance on racing stripes, track pants, surf prints, and polo shirts. No one’s judging you, but odds are these ensembles will score gold, given their easy sportiness that just seems practical for today’s nonstop pace. Too casual for the office, you say? Finish a formfitting athletic-inspired top or a tank dress with a structured blazer and your secret for success is safe.”

So where can we get the look?  Let’s check it out!

We will start with Essentiel-Antwerp.  There’s a cute bicolor sweater, a cool pair of sneakers, and a colorful necklace:

Sweater, Necklace, and Sneakers Essentiel-Antwerp (Photo Credit: Essentiel Antwerp)

Le Comptoir des Cotonniers, even with its minimalist vibe, offers some interesting pieces.  Two striped pieces: short sleeves, and long sleeves; and a bright cashmere jumper:

Striped Shirt, and Jumper Comptoir des Cotonniers (Photo Credit: Comptoir des Cotonniers)

Mer du Nord has also two pieces with a nice print: a dress and a top:

Dress and Top Mer du Nord (Photo Credit: Mer du Nord)

Now, let’s turn to IKKS.  There’s a sweatshirt, there are yellow shorts, and the most exquisite sneakers (an Adidas x IKKS collaboration)

Shirt and Shorts IKKS (Photo Credit: IKKS)
Adidas x IKKS Sneakers – “Gazelle” (Photo Credit: IKKS)

If you shop at Maje, you can find a cropped jumper, a cute t-shirt, and an adorable cuff:

Cropped Jumper and T-Shirt Maje (Photo Credit: Maje)
Cuff Maje (Photo Credit: Maje)

Last but not least, Pinko, an Italian brand that I simply love.  You’ll find an amazing trench, a gorgeous dress, and skirt, a fun sweater, sneakers and sunglasses.  There are usually various colors available.  On the website, they feature the yellow trench with the pink dress, and it’s surprisingly stunning!

Trench, Dress, and Skirt Pinko (Photo Credit: Pinko)
Sweater, Sneakers, and Sunglasses Pinko (Photo Credit: Pinko)

With the Olympics or the Euro coming up, (or any sports event for that matter – cause I’m a huuuuge sports fan), I’m ready to rock the Belgian colors proudly!


 Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 20.20.12


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