Boho Chic or Hippie Chic?

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How are you doing? I hope you had a great week and that you’re having an even greater weekend 😉

Here in Belgium, we had a few fabulously sunny crisp days. I love those kinds of days, and it made me long for those spring and summer days (and oh oh those summer nights 😀). And I pictured myself sitting at a nice café with some friends, recovering from an epic day at Coachella, pulling off the boho chic style.

And then I thought, wait a minute. What’s boho chic? And what’s hippie chic? Is there actually a difference between these two trends? And if yes, what are they? And then I thought, I cannot be the only person who’s a little confused about this. (Not like I lost any sleep about it, but still… ). So, it’s only natural that I came up with this article: Boho (Chic) vs Hippie (Chic). What’s the deal, trends?

Let’s start with boho chic. Boho comes from bohemian. Bohemian is:

“a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, esp. an artist or writer (New Oxford American Dictionary); or a nonconformist writer or artist who lives an unconventional life (Wordnet).  A synonym would be gipsy.”

When you check various websites, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, or InStyle, here are the key words that are used to describe the boho chic trends: late 60’s and 70’s, maxi dresses, crochet dresses, Yves Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, tie dye, paisley, floral, suzani, printed maxi dress, gladiator sandals, floppy hat, a fringe cross-body bag, fur vest, beaded vest, flared jeans, a coin-embellished belt, denim cut-offs, feather earrings, boots, …

The pioneers were Thea Porter (check this, this, and that out) and Talitha Getty (the featured image was taken from CBS), followed by Sienna Miller and Kate Moss in the UK, and the Olsen twins in the US.

Tabitha Getty and her husband in Morocco in 1969 (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


Now, several celebrities have taken over. To me, the ultimate boho chic girl is Vanessa Hudgens.

Now, what about Hippie chic? For some, hippie chis is slightly different. For others, hippie chic and boho chic are exactly the same things.  Let’s investigate!

Hippie refers to:

“(esp. in the 1960s) a person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs (New Oxford American Dictionary). someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle (Wordnet).  Synonyms would be flower child.

Thus, it is quite similar to the definition of “bohemian”.

What are the key words used to describe the concept “hippie chic”?  Again, I checked out several websites (Vogue, Weekend, InStyle, etc) and I came up with the following: psychedelic, late 60’s, maxi dresses, flares, crochet dresses, embroidery, batik, bandhani, djellabas, scarves, paisley, beads, fringe, Woodstock, pop art, nature, fantasy, ethnographic art , Yves Saint Laurent, …

Again, quite similar to “bohemian“, if you ask me…

Who are the hippie icons ? Janis Joplin is a hippie queen. Jane Birkin. Cher. Nicole Richie.

When I did my research, and that I read the above; I was more lost than ever. I mean, even the fashion Bibles do not make a clear difference between these two (?) major trends.  What’s a girl gotta do?!  But, I didn’t admit defeat so easily!  Oh no!  So what did I do ? I did what any private investigators would have done…  I turned to Pinterest of course! (I’m positive that if the original Charlie’s Angels had to solve a case today, they would turn to Pinterest. 100%. It’s a fact!) So, what did Pinterest tell me? Pinterest told me that there was not a huge difference (no difference at all ?) between boho and hippie. The boards are pretty much the same. The pieces are pretty much the same. The girls are pretty much the same. It’s all pretty much the same.  

The way I see it, hippie came before boho. Boho is a sort of extension of the hippie style. In both trends we find the same tracers: the 60’s and the 70s, maxi dresses, flare jeans, crochet, foral, floppy hat, fringe cross-body bag, fur, coin-embelisshed belt, feather, boots, scarves, fringes, Yves Saint Laurent, stacked up jewels, wedges, Vanessa Hudgens, Coachella …

But if I had to differentiate them, I would identify two main points of difference. Firstly, I associate hippie with flower, and even if this kind of prints can also be found in the boho trend, I still consider this element as a point of difference. Another point of comparison would be the colors. I see more vibrant colors for the hippie trend; while the colors in the boho vibe are softer. Put another way, I would use the term psychedelic to describe hippie, and that’s not the case for boho.

I know that this conclusion is kind of a bummer, but I hope you found this article helpful anyways 🙂

How do you differentiate those two trends ? Do you consider them as different or not ? Do you agree with what I wrote ?



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