For The Love of Heels

Shoes.  High heels.  After diamonds, I think they are a girl’s best friend… So that makes them a girl’s second best friend.  Good enough for shoes, right?  And since we can’t all afford diamonds but that we all have shoes, that makes them our first best friend.  Seems pretty logical to me!

Now, as you probably guessed by now, this post is dedicated to shoes.  My shoes.  My newly-purchased-on-sales shoes.  And I might have slightly overdone it this time, I bought three pairs of stilettos… One pair from Essentiel-Antwerp, one pair from Vic Matié, and another from Irene Costa.

Essentiel-Antwerp Stilettos

Essentiel-Antwerp Stilettos
Essentiel-Antwerp Stilettos
Irene Costa Stilettos
Irene Costa Stilettos
Irene Costa Stilettos
Stilettos Irene Costa
Vic Matié Stilettos
Vic Matié Stilettos
Vic Matié Stilettos


I love high heels.  I think they give you attitude and a better figure.  They make you feel fierce.  And adult.  And sexy.  They are quite powerful actually, aren’t they?  So I didn’t buy just shoes.  I bought stilettos + attitude + a better figure + fierceness + adult capabilities + sexiness.  BARGAIN!!!!!

Seriously, the reason I don’t feel as guilty as I probably should, is because I believe a girl should own – at least 😉 – one good pair of stilettos.  It’s timeless, and it can truly transform an outfit.  (Plus, it makes you feel all these crazy things, without drinking one single drop of alcohol :p ).  You can wear them with absolutely everything, ranging from a dress, to shorts, and including a skirt, pants, and jeans; you name it.  These shoes will finish off your look, and make you look more polished, sophisticated.

Victoria Beckham (Photo Credit: Pinterest)
Olivia Palermo (Photo Credit: Vogue ES)

Here are other fun and more original ways to use your beloved heels:

Selena Gomez (Photo Credit: Dailymail UK)
  • A pair of colorful stilettos can also be used to add a touch of color to an all black outfit.  And this look is totally work appropriate!
Mila Kunis (Photo Credit: Pinterest)
  • On the other hand, you can tame a crazy outfit with a pair of black or nude high heels.  If you play the originality card with you clothes, I think it’s a good thing to tone it down with the shoes and other accessories.  Trust me, you don’t want to look like you left home without being able to make up your mind 😉
Blake Lively (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Hope this post gave you a bit of inspiration for you looks!  How do you usually wear your stilettos?




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