How To Wear An Understated Winter Look

Hello there,

Have you recovered from too much eating (leftovers included), drinking, and not enough sleep?  🙂  I hope your first week back to work/back to school was not too hellish!

After over the top outfits and fancy accessories from NYE, I thought it would be a nice idea to go for a more understated look.  I’m a girly girl, and If you read some of my previous posts you know that I ❤ ❤ ❤ sequins and glitter.  But right now, after all these shiny looks, all I long for is a minimalist, simple, and comfy look in neutral tones.  And what’s more comfy than a cosy knitted sweater?  🙂



I own a lot of knitted sweaters(what?  Too much?!? Naaah….), and one of the great things is that you can pair them with various pieces depending on the feel you want to give.  In this post, I want to pair my heavenly sweater with plain neutral jeans: black, grey, blue, camel, or even burgundy or a light pink.  Obviously, choose a jeans’ color according to your top.





Which color combination works well?

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 14.37.19

If I want to stay consistent, that it, keep a very minimal look, I would wear black boots to finish off the look.  You can also go for sneakers.  But nothing sophisticated.  The key for an understated look is no frills.understated-winter-lookHowever, the great thing about a simple and neutral outfit like that, is that you can totally pimp it to make it (more) sophisticated: add a pair of high heels or even better, stilettos, a blazer, and statement jewelry (for instance, a statement necklace), and you’re good to go!  Trust me, it will totally work. You can go to a night out (almost) straight from work/school.

Conclusion: cosy and stylish are not necessarily mutually exclusive!  Such good news, right? 😉  Another nice thing is, you probably all have these pieces at home, now all you gotta do is to combine them 🙂

So girls, Is it one of your go-to look?  Which color combination do you usually go for?  Looking forward to reading you 🙂



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