Wishlist January 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great (and stylish) New Year’s Eve.  I’d be happy to hear what you wore and how you spent the last days of 2015.

With this first post of 2016, I’ll launch a new category: My Wishlists.  I think it will give you a better idea of what I like, what I long for, and so who I am.  I hope you like it 🙂

Wishlist – January 2016

  1. Chance, Chanel.  I’ve been looking for a new fragrance.  When I was a teenager, I swore by Lolita Lempicka.  Then I switched to Dolce & Gabbana, the One.  Loved them both, but I want some changes.  I’ve been trying some samples, and I fell in love with Chance by Chanel.  Love, love, love.  Hopefully, this new signature scent will bring me luck 😉

    Chance, Chanel
  2. Couture Palette Wild Edition, Yves Saint Laurent.  I’m a girly girl.  I love make-up, and I can’t resist stunning eye makeup palette.  New crush: the YSL Couture Palette Wild Edition.

    YSL Couture Palette Wild Edition
  3. Derby shoes in patent leather.  I think they are as elegant as high heels.  I also like the androgynous vibe.  Here, Christian Louboutin’s brogues found on net-à-porter.

    Masterpump patent-leather brogues, Christian Louboutin
  4. “Gazelle” sneakers, Adidas x IKKS.  Let’s do a 180: other pair of shoes, other style.  The Adidas x IKKS sneaker is awesome!

    “Gazelle” Sneakers Adidas x IKKS
  5. Skirt and coats, Essentiel-Antwerp.  Essentiel-Antwerp has an Alice in Wonderland collection.  Need I say more?  There are also two coats that I find exquisite.
    Lazaro Skirt, Essentiel-Antwerp
    Classic Buttoned Coat, Essentiel-Antwerp

    Floral Print Jacket, Essentiel-Antwerp
  6. Coats, Mer du Nord.  A girl can never have too many coats.  Other coats, other Belgian brand.  Coats by MDN for a military vibe.
    Coat Marcy, Mer du Nord

    Coat Melvin, Mer du Nord
  7. A spa day, Thermes de Spa.  After these stressful holidays, a girl needs a spa day, right?  😉 When I need to relax, I usually go to the Thermes de Spa.  I’ve never been disappointed.

I wonder how many of these I’ll be able to get 😉  How about you?  What’s your wishlist?




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