How To Wear The Holiday Sweater?

Hello girls,

The holiday sweater.  No piece of clothing has ever sparked so much love and horror at the same time.  At least, between November and January.  If you type these two magic words into Google, you get a variety of images; ranging from cute to fugly, and including dorky and funny ones.  (Seriously, you have to try it!)

Why so much interest?  One of my favorite things in the fall, and I think it’s the same for a lot of you girls, is that I get to wear all my cosy, comfy, warm knitted sweaters.  Pure happiness.  The holiday sweater is all that and more!  It’s the same, but during the holidays.  In other words, it’s happiness²… ❤

Taylor Swift – Source: Getty Images

Poppy Delevingne – Source: Getty Images
Samantha Cameron – Source: Getty Images

So, holiday sweaters, cute or kitsch?  Well my friends, I must say it’s both.  But, if you don’t wear it during the holiday, when will you?  The good news is, you can style it in various ways so that you don’t end up like Mark Darcy in The Bridget Jones Diary…

How can you wear the holiday sweater:

  • If you’re feeling bold, you can go all out.  A super-duper-kitschy sweater, paired with a pleated skirt and high socks.
  • If you’re feeling traditional, you can wear your sweater with a pair of (velvet) pants and boots.
  • If you’re feeling sexy (yes, you can be sexy with a kitschy top, I promise), you can combine your sweater with skinny leather pants.

Now, all you have to do is find your perfect holiday sweater; or for the gifted, you can even knit one 😉 Once you have it, choose how you’ll style it; and then you’ll be ready to eat too much for a month and a half.  The holiday sweater is your friend, it gives you all the space in the world 😀

Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun; so don’t take it too seriously.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers, and for the rest of you have a good week.

Des bisous,


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