How To Wear The Classic Button-Down Shirt?

Hey girls,

How are you?  Did you have a good week?  I hope you killed it 🙂

With this post, I will introduce a new category: One Piece, X Looks.  Because it’s always nice to be able to wear a piece of clothing that you love with different looks.  It keeps things fresh and prevents you from getting bored with your favorite piece.

In this first post, I decided to show you my ideas about the different ways you can wear the (extremely classic, the timeless, drumroll please….) shirt.  I bought one this summer, a Massimo Dutti, and I love it (pictures on my Instagram); but I already had several other shirts in my beloved wardrobe (from various brands, ranging from Mer du Nord, to Ralph Lauren, and including G-Star Raw for instance; and of various colors):




So, how can you style your shirt?  Obviously, you can go for the preppy look.  What do I wear?  You combine your shirt with a v-neck sweater, and a well-cut pair of trousers; or a pleated skirt.  You can wear heels or ballet flats; and a statement necklace à la J.Crew won’t hurt 😉

The second option you have is the feminine-masculine look.  What do I wear?  An elegant pair of trousers (tuxedo style), or even a pair of 7/8 pants.  I would recommend stilettos.  And keep the jewelry to a minimal, or minimalist, with, for instance, a sleek necklace or discrete earrings.  A “man’s watch” can also be a nice touch, such as a Michael Kors‘ or a Guess‘.

Another possible look is casual (yes, even with a button shirt!  Oh, the possibilities….).  What do I wear?  Well, jeans of course!  I think “jeans” are my solution to everything :p.  You can add sneakers or ballet flat, and a leather jacket.

My final suggestion is a bit bolder I guess.  If you wanna go for an ultra-feminine/sexy look, you can do that with a shirt too.  I think it’s interesting because that’s not the obvious style; the shirt being a classic piece, you expect it in classic looks.  So I think it can be nice twist.  What do I wear?  A (form-fitting) mini skirt!  You can tuck your shirt in, or let it fall over your skirt.  If you’re feeling reeeaaaalllllyyyyy bold, you can wear high heels.  Or, you can wear sneakers, or (low) boots with chunky heels.  It will take the sexy vibe down a notch, but I’m positive you’ll still look hot 😉

I hope you found this post useful 🙂 The next one will be about one of my favorite pieces of all time: the flared jeans ❤ 🙂

If you have any suggestions and/or requests, please feel free to let me know 🙂

Have a great week,



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