Flower Power: SS15 Trend

Hey there girls,

How are you doing today?  Personally, I’m great.  You know why?  I can feel the spring coming!  We have a nice sunny day in Belgium today and it makes me chipper 🙂

What’s better than a sunny day to rock flowers, the first trend of the Spring/Summer 2015?  In this post, as promised, I will show various pieces from several brands that you can use to sport the trend.

I know that this is not the most original trend (as Miranda Priestly would say: “Florals?  For Spring?  Groundbreaking!”), but this is always efficient: it’s pretty, it’s girly, and it’s fresh.  So, let’s have a look at what the brands offer us.

If you read the post about my favorite looks from Essentiel Antwerp, then you must have noticed several pieces with a flower print already.  Here is a gorgeous sample of pieces that you can find in their SS15 collection:

Sweater from SS15 Essentiel Antwerp

Skirt from SS15 Essentiel Antwerp
Shorts and Jacket from SS15 Essentiel Antwerp
Maxi Skirt from SS15 Essentiel Antwerp
Clutch from SS15 Essentiel Antwerp

Aaaaargh!  The clutch is a-ma-zing!!!!!!

IKKS, one of my favorite brands, also offers some nice pieces.  Here is a selection of pieces from IKKS I.CODE:

Sweater from SS15 IKKS I.CODE
Dress from SS15 IKKS I.CODE
Top from SS15 IKKS I.CODE
Top from SS15 IKKS I.CODE

Scarf from SS15 IKKS I.CODE

If you are looking for more understated prints than Essentiel’s, then I’m sure at least one of these pieces from 1.2.3. Paris will please you:

T-Shirts from SS15 1.2.3. Paris

You know that one of the things I want to do with this blog is to introduce you to Belgian fashion designers/brands.  So here you can find pieces from three Belgian brands: Gigue, Giovane, and Julia June,.  Seriously, aren’t these simply gorgeous?!

Pants and Dress from SS15 Gigue
Jumpsuit, Trousers, and Dress from SS15 Giovane
Jumpsuit, Sweater, and Shorts from SS15 Julia June
Trousers and Dress from SS15 Julia June

I hope you like my suggestions here, and that you appreciate these talented Belgian design(er)s. What are your floral must haves of the season?




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