Upcoming Series: Trends for the Spring Summer 2015

Bonjour les filles,

So, you know I want to review the SS15 collection of Mer du Nord, the last part of the series!  Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the complete lookbook of the brand.  So, while we’re waiting I will write about the trends we will enjoy this summer.

As I’m sure you know (and if you don’t, I’m super glad to let you know), the seventies are making a comeback.  In a Weekend (more specifically, the First Black Weekend of the year – Weekend is a Belgian lifestyle magazine), 10 trends were identified for the Spring Summer 2015, ranging from Flower Power to Fringes.

In the following posts, I will select pieces from several SS15 collections that fit into these trends.  I will focus on my favorite brands but I’m pretty sure that you can also find pieces from fast fashion clothing retailer (such as Zara, Mango, H&M, you name it).  To be honest, I never go shopping there, so you probably know more about those brands than me.  Besides, one of my goals with this blog is to introduce you with brands you may not be familiar with 🙂

The first part of the series will be “Flower Power”.  Coming very soon 🙂

Bisous les filles,


P.S: Remember, feel free to ask me anything: you want me to write about something specific?  Ask me.  You have a question regarding a (Belgian) designer?  Ask me.  You want some style tips? Ask me.  And of course, your feedback is more than welcome!


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