First Purchase of the Season: A Dress from Kocca

Hi there,
So I’ll make a small hiatus in the review of my favorite looks.  One of the reasons is that I’m still waiting on the presentation of the new collection proposed by Mer du Nord.  The other reason is that I want to tell you about a piece I bought.
I went shopping this week, and I found two pieces I absolutely love.  To be honest, I found plenty of pieces I absolutely love, what I meant to say is “among the tons of beautiful items in the boutique, I only bought two pieces”.
The article I will write about today is a dress from Kocca.  It’s a dress composed of two parts: a sort of mini and form hugging skirt, and a fluid and large blouse with a deep V-neck.  I will wear it with a white tank top underneath, since the V-neck is like, really deep.  I’m sure some women/girls would wear the dress with nothing underneath, but I wouldn’t pull it off.  I’d feel a little uncomfortable.  Besides, the skirt is already quite short… I don’t need to show everything 😉 As usual, I took the pictures from the brand’s website.  Let’s have a look:
Kocca Dress – SS15

Kocca Dress – SS15
Kocca Dress – SS15
Kocca Dress – SS15

As far as the shoes are concerned, I will go with heels (shocker, I know!).  I have two pairs of shoes, one from Vic Matie, and one from OXS that would look great with the dress:

Vic Matié Shoes
OXS Shoes
OXS Shoes
OXS Shoes
OXS Shoes

For the accessories, any type of jewels will be fine: necklace, earrings, bracelet(s), or ring(s).  I would say that the only requirement is for the necklace: it has to be delicate.  Otherwise, the earrings, bracelet(s), or ring(s) can be more voluminous.  Statement earrings for instance would look great.

FYI, these two brands propose a-ma-zing shoes!  Seriously, go check out their websites, and tell me what you think.  Furthermore, the shoes are of high quality and even if you pick a pair of heels, you’ll still be super comfy.
What do you think of the dress and/or of the styling of the outfit?  Have you bought anything yet for the spring, or the summer?  Let me know 🙂

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