IKKS SS15 Collection: My Favorite Looks

Bonjour les filles (et les garçons?),

How are you doing today?  And how was your weekend?

As promised, I will “review” the new collection designed by IKKS.  If you read some of my previous posts, you must know that I really (like, reeeaaallly) appreciate this brand 😉  So, I was very excited to discover their Spring/Summer collection.

The brand proposes two trends: “Ethnic Chic”, and “Pretty Corsica”.  Here are several of my favorite looks:

Look from IKKS SS15 Collection

This first look is almost a classic to me: skinny jeans, a top, and a black jacket.  You can really rock this outfit anytime: for work, as well as for an girls’ night out.  Simple, but oh so efficient.  As I already told you in a previous post, I’m usually not a huge fan of animal print; but this one definitely does it for me.  I don’t know if I’m getting warmer to animal prints in general, or if the prints are evolving to something a little more subtle and so a little more to my taste… Wait and see 🙂

Look from IKKS SS15 Collection

In this second look, I love (like, really loooooooooove) the blouse.  It’s silk, it’s a gorgeous color, nice cut; and it looks so comfortable!  Speaking of comfortable, these are linen trousers, so you know…  I also really appreciate the combination of these two colors together.  It’s cute and sophisticated.

Look from IKKS SS15 Collection

All right, so here is another classic to me: white top, dark blue jeans, and a pair of pumps.  The fluidity of the top, and the fact that the jeans are dark blue; make this look super sophisticated (and the high heels don’t hurt either).

Look from IKKS SS15 Collection

LBD.  Do I need to say more?  Actually, I want to say a little more…  Every fashionista needs a little black dress in her closet.  This one is beautiful; and the back adds the originality to this otherwise simple dress.

Look from IKKS SS15 Collection

All-white ensemble.  Love that.  Except maybe when I crave chocolate.  This look is perfect for a warm and sunny day.  The shorts are cute; and the sweater is super nice.  I think you can wear it in a casual look, like this one; or even in a more sophisticated look, paired with sleek trousers and blazer for instance.

Look from IKKS SS15 Collection

I love this romper.  It’s sexy but understated.  The top is elegant, and the bottom has a safari vibe to it.  The colors are perfect together, and it looks, again, super comfortable.

Look from IKKS SS15 Collection

Last but not least, this gorgeous dress.  Same color, but different textures; the top is super fluid, the bottom is more close-fitting; these elements make the dress interesting.  You can also wear the beauty at various occasions: at work (but not with sneakers); date night; girls’ night out; … you name it!

What do you think about these looks?  Love them or leave them?  Let me know 🙂



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