A/W Sales – Part 1

Hello people,
I hope you’re all doing great, and I hope you are able to keep the new resolutions you made at the beginning of this month 😉
I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22, but I love sales.  I usually wait till the last days, so that I can enjoy the best prices.  But, I try to always apply the following rule: “Never buy something you would buy at full price”.  Otherwise, you risk to pay for an item that you’ll never wear, and I can’t think of anything sadder (that’s a figure of speech, I CAN think of a million things that are sadder…. but you know).
This month, I found some beautiful items at one of my favorite brands: IKKS.  In this post (as well as the following ones), I will write about these pieces I bought.  Today, this post will be dedicated to a totally cute sweater.  Check it out:
IKKS Sweater AW 2014-2015 – Taken from the IKKS website, this is not me 😉

IKKS Sweater AW 2014-2015 – Taken from the IKKS website, nope not me 😉

I know this is super casual, but how CUTE is that? 🙂

IKKS Sweater AW 2014-2015 – Taken from the IKKS website, this is not me either 😉

How to style it?  I will go with skinny jeans, heels, no necklace, and if earrings, then tiny ones. Since the sweater has jewel embroidery on the front, if we add a necklace the whole won’t be harmonious, it will be too busy. However, rings, watch, bracelets are all fine I think.

Now, if you want an extra casual look you can go with nice sneakers, for instance I love Philippe Model shoes.  But the danger for me if I wear this sweater with jeans and a pair of sneakers is: I will look like a twelve-year-old :D… Hence, for me heals are mandatory.
How do you like the sweater?  Can you pull off the combination sweater-jeans-sneakers?
What did you buy this month?
Have a nice day or evening, depending on where you are 🙂

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